Tom Thomas


Tom Thomas

Tom is a senior level executive who has extensive experience and expertise in developing software, automating business processes, and building and maintaining IT infrastructure. He has built diverse and high-energy teams wherever he has worked and has secured contracts ranging from some of the world’s largest franchise systems to hot start-ups.

Tom began his career in technical support for retail software, where he honed his skills in computer systems infrastructure, network engineering, telephony, communications, security, and logistics. He obtained certifications in various technical roles and provided support to large international companies in the insurance and healthcare industries. Tom’s expertise made him a go-to resource in each position he held, and he has been actively involved in multiple start-up businesses.

As his career progressed, Tom expanded his focus to include software development and automation processes – aligning them with clients’ business goals and strategies. He has developed and supported software for organizations as diverse as:  government agencies, franchise groups, cities, utility providers, training and education companies, contractors, scientific laboratories, manufacturers, and retailers.

Tom has always adopted a business-first approach to software design and development and  firmly believes that software and technology should serve as tools to help businesses achieve their objectives, rather than trying to drive those objectives. He has worked with clients in multiple roles: managing projects, providing consulting advice and/or functioning in a senior role as part of the client’s technical team.  Tom has also started multiple business ventures, grown and sold them after achieving their goals. These experiences make him aware of the challenges that new businesses face, and he is able to help them navigate the technical and software development side of their ventures – in both their start up and growth phases.

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