Doug Hitchcock

Doug Hitchcock

Chief Marketing Officer

Primary Skills:

  • Competitive Analysis & Positioning
  • Digital Presence (web sites & social media)
  • Collaterals (incl video and graphics)
  • Application of A/I tools for brand awareness


Creative, innovative, and hands-on are a few words that have been used to describe Doug Hitchcock, who has built a global reputation for results in building new marketing initiatives for the past thirty years. From his large corporate experiences, he has leveraged that knowledge to drive branding and sales growth in small companies. He has a natural curiosity for seeing problems through the customer’s eyes. His creative yet analytical mindset allows him to help business leaders solve complex market problems including competitive and customer market research, positioning of products including hardware and software solutions, and hands-on launch and commercialization programs.

Doug understands many high-technology markets, competitors, and most importantly understands the needs of the customers. His background includes work with the Small Business Administration (SBIR) where he rapidly guided small companies on the path to commercialization and revenue growth. His background as an electrical engineer has allowed him to be a pragmatic problem solver. Doug holds a MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Doug has worked for software solution (SaaS) developers as well as military communications businesses. A rapid understanding of the current and future products has allowed him to accelerate time-to-market programs. 

Doug firmly believes in the need for a full suite of marketing tools. A sledgehammer may or may not be the appropriate tool for all businesses, especially smaller start-ups. Doug is a digital native and fully-immersed in online presence including web site development & content, social media push marketing campaigns, and rapid responsive customer feedback/support.

Doug grew up sailing on the Great Lakes, enjoys the beauty of the natural world, and has been an avid photographer and video editor. He has recently learned the business of drone flying including pre-planned flight mission software. A natural hands-on handyman, Doug is also the current president of his homeowners’ association and respected by the owners for financial management of budgets and expenses.