Plug: Plug us in to fill executive level leadership gaps

Play: Play alongside to help you build your company

Partners: Partner up and become part of your team
on a fractional or interim basis

Who we are

Your Plug and Play Partners =
C-level executives to fill gaps
in your leadership team

Our executive team has extensive industry experience, expertise, and networks, helping you accelerate your success.

We offer a range of sophisticated services, tailored to your specific needs. For example, we can provide you with a fractional C-level team and executive leadership in a strategic way, so that they become an integral part of your team. Our vision is to be versatile in what we offer and to offer more than just a service. Our aim is to merge our executive(s) into your team and bring sustainable results to your business. 

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Why Us

At Plug and Play Partners We address
the needs of early stage tech companies

We Partner with our Clients

P&PP is not a consulting firm. Our team becomes part of YOUR team; filling part-time or interim executive (C-level) team needs and/or providing coaching help to your existing team members.

We Support Company Launches

A successful launch includes, capital raising, business plan and proforma development, establishing partnerships, etc. We have the expertise to help with all of these tasks.

We Provide Domain Expertise

Our team has a broad range of vertical market and domain expertise including FinTech, BioTech, Electronics, Franchising, Government Contracting, SaaS, Software, Alternative Energy, Mobile Workforce, IoT, and Manufacturing.

Our Engagements are Flexible

Our team engagement with your company can be very flexible; either ongoing or project-based (with a statement of work). You can contract with us to fill an individual C-level need or have access to the full P&PP members as a team.

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How We Work

We work with companies who believe in their business ideas and strive to achieve the most ambitious goals. Our work style is different depending on the specific objective; nonetheless, our collaborative culture brings trust and innovation to any partnership we enter. Our solutions are built over 4 main phases:

Our Team's Use Cases

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